Translation of Technical Manuals

Translation of Technical Manuals

Technical Literature Translation? Translation of large-scale technical documentation?

The specialization in performing large-scale technical translation projects in a tight deadline is the differential that best distinguishes our company from a market in which hundreds of translation companies operate. Over these 38 years of strong presence in the translation market we have carried out the translation of technical manuals for several digital commuters, one of them reaching nearly 150 thousand pages. We’ve also translated to more than one language the website, with more than 50,000 pages or 7 million words from original texts, along with many other challenges.

What are the largest technical translation projects All Tasks has ever carried out?

After translating a first project containing 120,000 pages in only 10 months, we’ve probably translated for Lucent a couple hundred thousand pages more. Among telecommunications companies, Lucent was the major customer, but we have performed large scale technical documentation translation services for many others, such as Nec, Motorola, Nortel, Alcatel, AT&T, Ameritech, Siemens, etc.

The translation of great volumes of technical documentation is All Task’s main specialty. Our production is structured to service large projects, with a qualified team and exclusive methods and processes, along with the use of the best Language Technology tools available in the market to support human translation, which ensure gains in terms of quality and reduction of the time taken to finish it off, therefore reducing costs.

Are large-scale technical translations also part of software localization?

Absolutely! To be more specific, we have translated 50,000 pages of texts for the hotel reservation website from English into Portuguese and Spanish, totaling 100,000 pages. This was a job that required much research and special care with critical details. Impeccable. After that we won the tender to translate it into all other languages, both for and, which are interlinked.

What is the secret formula in large-scale technical translation?

Comprehending the development structuring of each large-scale technical documentation project may mean overcoming unforeseen and surprising challenges. They require specific sensitivity in regard to the subject, a very rare element in the markets we lead. An example of this is the understanding one ought to have as to the meaning of the text’s numerical indexation throughout the entire documentation and as to how to make the best use of this kind of organization within project management. The treatment and use of the analytical indexes and particularly the remissive ones are of utmost importance.

Do e-learning translations also present the same challenges?

Yes, of course, those exact same challenges, nonetheless combined to the challenges related to any localization process. It’s important to mention that whenever dealing with e-learning translation, software localization or website localization, an efficient IT interface in the customer’s company can help us reduce delivery deadlines and large-scale costs.