Website Translation

Website Translation

Where are your customers? Localize!

Website localization is the translation and adaptation of a website or portal contents, taking into consideration the culture, customs, religion, systems of weights and measures, currency, date and time standardization, legislation and other variables of the website target country.

To perform website localization projects with high standards of excellence, All Tasks has a team of experts in Information Technology to perform the technical adaptations required by the new website format, using the best tools available in the market for website development and localization.

Website localization: Clients are twice as likely to continue navigating if a website is in their own language
The Internet has become one of the most effective ways to do business. Statistics show that visitors to a website spend twice as much time and are three times more likely to buy something over the internet if the website is in their own language.

The virtual world saves costs, facilitating and speeding up communication and multiplying opportunities. But making full use of these requires an understanding of the virtual environment dynamics. This world has some rules, which need to be correctly applied, to guarantee the success of the localization project.